[Fwd: Slimeball Alert]

Richard Bainter pug at interval.net
Fri Oct 25 13:06:32 PDT 1996

> >We have just had a pair
> >of people who were taken in by an SCA family here rob them
> >blind and take off in a pumpkin orange, late-70's VW van 
> >with a couple of SCA bumper stickers on the back. 
> Umm, I'm really not comfortable with turning the society into a vigilante
> police group on the lookout for bad folks on the run ... I'm terribly sorry
> about the unfortunate circumstances that befell the good gentles who were
> victimized, but there was NO MENTION in the lengthy post about the role of
> LAW ENFORCEMENT in this tangle ...

Actually it did, right before their description it stated:

SCA groups in Atenveldt and probably everywhere in the western
US should likely be on watch for these two. If they don't
show up in Washington or Reno, we don't know where they might
be headed. Michael is actively wanted in both Washington and
Nevada and Kit is wanted for questioning. Please notify the
authorities in your area immediately if you should see them.

> I think descriptions of the people and a brief description of the offenses
> they perpetrated against our fellow SCA members would have been enough, but
> blackening this couple for everything from their parenting skills to their
> library book-borrowing record was a little much.

I think it was a bit much as well. A sad story does not need to be made
worse by slandering them, no matter how true.


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