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Gunnora Hallakarva gunnora at bga.com
Fri Oct 25 20:20:45 PDT 1996

<snip re: a couple of folks with a bad reputation>>

Gnith said:
>Please forgive my hair trigger regarding this issue -- it's just that I
>spent six seasons working on the Ren Faire circuit & saw several examples of
>disasterous results when the small faire communities attempted to handle
>criminal acts themselves instead of working with law enforcement.

Heilsa, All.

        I don't think anyone was actually advocating stringing these people
uo to the nearest tall tree (despite the fact that they might actually -as
they say here in Texas- need killin').

        I think the original poster was probably traumatized by these folks,
which led to an excessively detailed posting.  However, I personally have
had experience with three different folks in the SCA who I wish I had been
pre-warned of!!  The fact that we normally do not send out word of bad
actions makes it very easy for people to swindle, rob, abuse, etc. in one
barony or shire, then move to another where no one knows them and repeat
their crimes.  And moving to another kingdom is like "Going Out West" was in
American frontier days... you could move completely away from your past
crimes and bad reputation.

        Bjornsborg had a couple embezzle our funds some years back... do
*you* want them to come to your group and oh-so-helpfully volunteer to be
seneschal and reeve for *you*?  I don't think so....  

        I think we should in fact make sure that "outlaws" have their justly
earned negative word-fame follow them wherever they go.  If they ever wanted
to be trusted again, it would require *real* change and restitution.
Unfortunately, unless messages like the "Slimeball" post that started this
thread are posted (hopefully edited with a bit of restraint), others in our
organization elsewhere will suffer for our silence.


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