[Fwd: Slimeball Alert]

MoonBeam moonbeam at cyberramp.net
Fri Oct 25 16:17:33 PDT 1996

At 03:05 PM 10/25/96 CST, you wrote:
>Heilsa all true SCA folk...

>It would be nice to see some evidence of Legal involvement...as well as another
>source to corroborate these charges.
>However, would you wish for these "people" to visit your branch and have any of
>your friends and neighbors be treated in this manner? Do you want anyone
>running around committing crimes with SCA bumperstickers on their auto? Also,
>think about the "Press" getting a hold of the "SCA Child Abusers..." Makes me
>Much rather a Vigilante than a Victim...

>I disagree...one must know the nature of one's enemy...never underestimate
>one's foe... They have "blackened" themselves... If the post was indeed the
>truth, these "people" need to be brought to justice...and very soon. If the
>original poster is lying...then they need to be punished for their crimes...
>The SCA does not need _any_ behavior of this sort in our ranks. It should never
>be tolerated...period.
>Wassail kinsfolk...
>Kief av Kiersted

        Bravo!  I recently had my car stolen and if someone would have been
as concerning and descriptive as this person maybe I'd have gotten it back
sooner and in better condition.  

        As for the comments about anyone commiting crimes and being
associated with the SCA ...your right on.  The general public is already a
little shy about us and I'm sure the press guys would have a field day with
the associations!

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