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>I just recieved this from the Bluefeather mail-list and thought I would 
>forward it on to Ansteorra.  This is FYI.
>Damaris of Greenhill /mka Susan Wieland
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>I want this to somehow get circulated as a warning to other
>SCA groups, especially in Atenveldt, I'm just not sure it's
>appropriate to post to the Rialto. We have just had a pair
>of people who were taken in by an SCA family here rob them
>blind and take off in a pumpkin orange, late-70's VW van 
>with a couple of SCA bumper stickers on the back. The van 
>has Washington plates, license number DLJ-406.
>Her full legal name is Christine A. Pallak. She goes by 'Kit' 
>and may also be signing checks and documents as 
>Christine Deyette or Christine Fenwick. She calls herself
>'Baroness Raven' in SCA settings and groups.
>His full legal name is Michael A. Deyette. He also may be
>going by Michael Deyette II, Michael D'hai, or Michael Pallak.
>He commonly calls himself Morgainne (Morgan) in both SCA and
>mundane settings and claims to be either a Baron or a
>household Lord depending. He says his Society name is
>Morgainne D'hai and is a Japanese persona. Kit calls him
>They claim to be part of House Blackrose and House Arugala (sp)
>from the Port Angeles, Lacey, Olympia, and Tacoma areas of
>Washington state. Both of them have a badly tattooed black
>rose on their inner right forearms. Hers is badly scarred on
>the stem. She also claims to have run and camped with
>Clan Bluefeather as a teenager. 
>Kit gave birth to a son about three weeks ago and they will 
>have the baby with them. The baby's name is Connor. Those are 
>the facts as I have them. Here's the background.
>Kit also has a four-year-old son named Alex. They sent Alex to
>see his father, Dan Fenwick, in Reno, NV just before 3YC. His
>father went to a judge and had himself declared Alex's sole
>guardian. He also filed charges against Michael for child abuse. 
>As the facts have unfolded, it has become known that Michael was
>arrested in Washington and charged and then released on bail. 
>He was to be tried for beating the hell out of Alex in the
>middle of November. Shortly after that, he and Kit skipped town 
>and came down to Albany, moving in with a friend. 
>They gave us an unending stream of sob stories while they were 
>here about how Kit's parents refused to help her at all, about 
>how hard she was working at two full time jobs, about how 
>Michael was upon hard times because the Army still owed him 
>back pay that he needed, etc, etc, etc. Apparently everyone got 
>a slightly different story from them.  
>They both claim to be former Army Rangers. This is completely
>false. They left behind a lot of junk when they peeled out of 
>here Sunday, including their military discharge papers. She 
>claimed to have just left the Army because of being pregnant 
>with Connor. Her papers show she was medically discharged from 
>the Army /Reserve/ for a blown knee eight years ago after
>only having been in for four months.
>He claimed to have been out of the Army for a couple of years
>but his papers show that he was thrown out of the Army with
>a general discharge after being twice busted from E-4 down to
>E-1 for unspecified reasons and has only been out of the
>military for two to three months, still owing the Army several
>hundred dollars in fines.
>When they were asked to leave the house they were staying at,
>another family in the local group here offered them a spare room
>for a while. That was about a week and a half ago. Then Sunday 
>they were found gone and with them almost everything of value in
>the family's house, mostly a lot of collector Star Wars stuff,
>action figures, and comics, a Nintendo game set and some
>miscellaneous gaming stuff. Not only that but Kit turned the
>parents in this family in to CPS here for child abuse right 
>before they took off. I figure probably as a diversion to give 
>the family more to worry about than chasing them. 
>The family says that both Kit and Michael would scream at the 
>baby to 'shut the fuck up' when he would cry continually and 
>would refuse to get up and tend to him in the middle of the
>night. We all fear for the baby's life in light of the way they
>already treat him and how violent a temper Michael has.
>They told a few people they were heading back up to 
>Port Angeles, Washington but we all figure that that's probably 
>not where they're headed. We also think that they may be headed 
>for Reno to kidnap Alex and then run. Kit has been obsessed 
>with getting her son back from her ex-husband. 
>They seem to gravitate to SCA groups as an MO and their flight 
>from here was very well planned. They had obviously been 
>planning to snatch and run for some time now. They may very 
>well make contact with other SCA groups and try the same routine 
>of gaining trust, generating sympathy, being taken in, and then
>stealing and running again.
>They left a trail of bounced checks and stole rental videos
>from the Hollywood Video here and books and videos from the 
>local library. We've found several creditor notices left behind
>demanding hundreds and hundreds of dollars in fines from other
>video rental places and from unpaid credit cards.  
>SCA groups in Atenveldt and probably everywhere in the western
>US should likely be on watch for these two. If they don't
>show up in Washington or Reno, we don't know where they might
>be headed. Michael is actively wanted in both Washington and
>Nevada and Kit is wanted for questioning. Please notify the
>authorities in your area immediately if you should see them.
>Kit: Between 5'4" and 5'6", weighing between 150' and 160' (she's
>still carrying a good bit of baby weight). She appears to be
>mostly white, dark complected and possibly part black. Her eyes
>are dark brown and somewhat exotically shaped, almost Asian
>looking. Her hair is black and short, about down to the base
>of her neck, thick, somewhat coarsely textured, and all one
>length (sorta pageboy cut) except for eyebrow length bangs. 
>She tends to dress in sweaters and leggings although that may
>change in hotter areas. She is somewhere between 28 and 32
>years old.
>Michael: Between 5'9" and 5'10", weighing between 240' and 260'
>(he's overweight with a large belly). He's white with medium
>brown very short (just a bit longer than military cut) wavy
>to curly hair, and I /think/ I remember him with hazel blue, 
>maybe light brown, eyes. He is often dressed in jeans and a
>t-shirt and very often wears a black leather biker-style
>jacket. He tends to be somewhat blunt featured with a largish
>nose and a slight double chin. He was clean shaven here but
>that may also change. He gravitates to military style games and
>comic book shops and is an avid Star Wars collector. He may
>also be found trying to get back into paintball playing
>somewhere. It was his main hobby here. He is younger than Kit,
>somewhere between 25 and 28 years old. 
>Note: they both claim to be Pagan and were handfasted just
>before they moved down to Oregon but are not legally married.
>He often wears a silver pentacle. They may also try to contact
>pagan groups that are local to SCA groups.
>We here are very stunned at this turn of events and very
>concerned for Connor's safety. Please forward this notice 
>to any other group or individual you see fit.
>The family involved here is not on the Internet but I will
>gladly answer any and all questions possible or pass on
>questions to the family here in Albany, OR.
>Thank you.
>Grainne Gelleo
>MKA Andra Barrow
>grainne at peak.org

        Thanks for the info!  and don't pay any attention to the other
replies about this being to much.  I did not take it as slandering or a
vigalente hunt.  I understand were those comments are coming from but as
someone who recently had his car stolen (Oct 1) I also understand where your
anger is coming from.  If the information is to much for someone then just
take out the facts and for those of us who understand your genuine concern
and anger, I understand how you feel.  The TRF is presently running and
would be a good place for these people to blend in.  This letter is not
telling people to go out nad hunt these low lifes down just mentally note
thier descriptions and keep them in the back of your mind while your out.
These two sound like they are pretty easy to spot.  Hopefully they'll be
caught soon.

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