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Sat Oct 26 03:01:22 PDT 1996

Heilsa Diarmuit...!

Kief here...again...

You wrote>

>Besides, these sorts of messages encourage a proper form of recreation
>of the Medieval Mindset (along with the Classical Mode of accepting the 
>word of "experts" with no further thought).  In this case, I refer to the 
>old Roman Legal precepts of "Presumed Guilty until proven Innocent" and 
>"Not needing to face your accusers".

Well, shucks, I guess a (presumably/hopefully) eyewitness to this couple's
activities might hold up in a court of law... But, then again, given the nature
of today's courts, the skill of a well paid lawyer, and laws that let all sorts
of honest to the gods criminals go free or slap their wrist, their testimony
might not be enough. I would hope that anyone catching folk in the commission
of a crime would, at the least, call the cops...or if the crime is heinous
enough, attempt to prevent it... This includes using the minimum force
necessary to cause the perpetrators to cease their activites. We, as a people,
as a nation have said, for far too long, "...I don't want to get involved..."
Yep, you are right, under the rule of law these folk have the right to be
"Presumed innocent until proven guilty." As well as "The right to face one's
accusers." However I will presume them to be dangerous to the public at large
and to the SCA specifically. I will, if I see them, report their presence to
the authorities...and take any action deemed necessary to prevent any further
crime or flight... Then the courts can muck it up once more....
Wassail kinfolk...

Kief av Kiersted...

"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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