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I. Marc Carlson LIB_IMC at centum.utulsa.edu
Sun Oct 27 20:32:51 PST 1996

I'm sorry if this is a repeat.

<Kief<stddly at SHSU.edu>>
>...We, as a people, as a nation have said, for far too long, "...I don't 
>want to get involved..."

I didn't say that we shouldn't get involved.  That's an entirely separate 
point from just accepting the word of an accuser and condemning someone
without a trial.  On the other hand, I've been accused of enough things
in my life that weren't true, but were still believed, that I am a trifle
reluctant to place someone else in that position, or to encourage that sort
of attitude.  If that offends you, then at least I *have* committed that
offense, and in front of these witnesses, accept that responsibility.

>Yep, you are right, under the rule of law these folk have the right to be
>"Presumed innocent until proven guilty." As well as "The right to face one's
>accusers." However I will presume them to be dangerous to the public at large
>and to the SCA specifically....

You are certainly entitled to your "better safe than sorry" feelings, and I
will not not tell you that you are wrong, or a bad person, or anything other
than that I disagree with this particular method of protecting one's self.
It is, however,  your business.  I would prefer to keep myself "more safe
than sorry" by trying as hard as I can to not convict in my mind people I 
don't know based solely on what other people (who I also don't know) tell
me, and just pray that I'm not accused of any serious crimes where I can be 
so prejudged, or anyone I care about.

These people may well be the total excressence that they've been accused of
being, and certainly, it is appropriate that a certain amount of caution
might be advised in dealing with them.  It is debateable whether this is
an appropriate forum for that sort of caution.  I personally think that it
is not, but that is simply *my* opinion.

>"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

Better the nail than one's thumb.


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