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Sun Oct 27 21:40:12 PST 1996

Heilsa Diarmuit....and all other good folk and true...

Diarmuit (Marc) replied...>

>I didn't say that we shouldn't get involved.  That's an entirely separate 
>point from just accepting the word of an accuser and condemning someone
>without a trial.  

I agree... You will note that I wanted more than one witness to these people's
behavior...and received a missive from an entirely different source, in a
different place, to confirm their behavior pattern. I also counciled contacting
the authorities. A person's actions can "condemn" them just as throughly as a
judge and jury. I do prefer the accused to be arrested and tried... But, my
point still hods true...we, as a Society, have closed our eyes to to much for
too long. It needs to stop. If our folk/children or any one else are harmed by
the actions of a alleged SCA member...we needs must stop these action from

>On the other hand, I've been accused of enough things
>in my life that weren't true, but were still believed, that I am a trifle
>reluctant to place someone else in that position, or to encourage that sort
>of attitude.  If that offends you, then at least I *have* committed that
>offense, and in front of these witnesses, accept that responsibility.

I, too, have been accused of many things in my life. Some justly, many
unjustly. I take responsibility for my actions...if someone accuses me of wrong
doing, then I will confront them, in front of witnesses, and ask for their
proofs. I also expect anyone that I accuse to confront me in like manner. If
I'm wrong in either case...I'll take my medicine...

I'm absolutely not offended by your beliefs. They are yours... My beliefs are
mine... I dare say each of us is equally valid in our viewpoints... We approach
the problem from different directions...but with the same ultimate goal...the

>You are certainly entitled to your "better safe than sorry" feelings... <snip>

I would shoot a "rabid" dog if I saw one going to attack someone or their
child...and would worry about testing the animal later. The point is that if
one waits too long people can be injured or even killed.

>I would prefer to keep myself "more safethan sorry" by trying as hard as I 
>can to not convict in my mind people I don't know based solely on what other 
>people... <snip>

True, "better safe than sorry" can take on many forms. Remember though, 
"Forewarned is forearmed..."

><snip>...and just pray that I'm not accused of any serious crimes where I 
>can be so prejudged, or anyone I care about.

Folk can always be accused by those that have an "agenda" However, unlike the
people in this scenario, you would stand and face your accusers and not flee in
the night...

>These people may well be the total excressence that they've been accused of
>being, and certainly, it is appropriate that a certain amount of caution
>might be advised in dealing with them.  It is debateable whether this is
>an appropriate forum for that sort of caution.  I personally think that it
>is not, but that is simply *my* opinion.

Again, these folk may well be an abnormal outgrowth of the naivete and trust of
our mindset...and a _lot_ of caution needs to be excerised in dealing with
them... It may well be that their focus on alleged military service has put
them in a fight or flight mode of thinking...
Hmmmmm...I think that this forum is mostly appropriate for this discussion. The
focus of our thoughts are involved with SCA behavior and people. And how better
"get the message out" than this medium? 
I would like to see any further updates on these folk posted on this list...but
we might be going on a bit much about this for some folks tastes...

>Better the nail than one's thumb.

In order to not hit one's thumb....one must have control of the hammer...

In respect and friendship...I remain...

Sir Kief av Kiersted

"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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