A&S Judging: Criteria / Standards

Matthew R. Popalisky mpopali at comp.uark.edu
Sun Oct 27 11:43:50 PST 1996

On Sun, 27 Oct 1996, Vicki Marsh wrote:

> How about Elfsea???? We have a very active Bardic Guild that includes
> instrumental and multiple voice group practices and performances.  My
> husband, Llywelyn, HL Eowyn, Ldy Emher, and myself, all have in-depth
> backgrounds in Music Theory and Performance.  There are others in our group,
> also, with different levels of experience, so we have a lot of fun without
> being too stodgy.
> Bryn Gwlad has Ld Samuel Piper leading a music guild of great renown.  He
> has put together two books of period instrumental music of his own
> arranging. His latest, Arbeau's Orchesographie, was done from original
> sources (or at least, reprints of them ) rather than other arrangements. (I
> can send you his e-mail, privately).

Why do I never hear about these things in my own kingdom?  As to where we
move, we sahll see what we shall see.  Job hunting with short
resume season starts soon.

> *I* would read them and save them.  I have seen judges take a one look at
> the documentation, then never give it another glance - 

That's to their own loss.  One less chance to learn.
> It has been a point of discussion here as to how musical/bardic performances
> should be judged, whether entertainment value or historical value should be
> the most important.  What I have come up with is this: If two performances
> are equally entertaining, i.e. I would enjoy hearing this performance again,
> then the one with the best documentation would be chosen as the best.
> Documentation does not have to be written, and can be effectively done in

I would have the spoken problem of not stopping the documentation.  If I
have to type, that will slow me down a bit.  I like your idea very much.
Writing a pleasing song/poem, for some, is easy.  The point to our group,
however, is it must be within period perameters, and provably so.  In my
case, the reverse is true, performance, documentation is easy, but writing
is a trial.  
Do the other arts/sciences have this problem, the item is just really
superb, but it isn't documented or documentable?


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