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I. Marc Carlson LIB_IMC at centum.utulsa.edu
Mon Oct 28 12:09:51 PST 1996

<Kief<stddly at SHSU.edu>>
>I agree... You will note that I wanted more than one witness to
>these people's behavior...and received a missive from an entirely
>different source, in a different place, to confirm their behavior

That you were able to receive such a message so quickly makes me
wonder if it was superfluous to even mention them here where they
have no chance to defend themselves -- since clearly they are
already so well know.

>... I also counciled contacting the authorities. A person's
>actions can "condemn" them just as throughly as a judge and jury.

I agree that they can, and in fact, firmly believe that in the end,
a person's actions will tell you JUST what sort of a human being
that they are.  I just prefer to be present and judge those actions
for myself, rather than accepting blindly the words of people I
don't know.

>But, my point still hods true...we, as a Society, have closed our
>eyes to to much for too long. It needs to stop. If our
>folk/children or any one else are harmed by the actions of a
>alleged SCA member...we needs must stop these action from

Certainly, if you see someone committing a crime, or acting in such
a way as to harm another (either intentionally or not) then you
should take steps to get involved.  If you personally feel that you
have had sufficient experience of a person's behavior that you are
willing to believe someone's accusations that they are going to act
in a particular way that will be harmful, then definately, get
involved.  Hell, there are a NUMBER of people in the SCA that I
have known over the years that, from personal experience of them,
I would cheerfully have supplied both tree and rope for, had they
tried to harm anyone where I knew about it.  

>I would shoot a "rabid" dog if I saw one going to attack someone
>or their child...and would worry about testing the animal later.
>The point is that if one waits too long people can be injured or
>even killed.

The point is, that if you shot a dog that was just walking down the
street because *a perfect stranger told you* it was rabid, then you
run the risk of killing an innocent dog.

>Folk can always be accused by those that have an "agenda" However,
>unlike the people in this scenario, you would stand and face your
>accusers and not flee in the night...

I appreciate the vote of confidence, but you don't know that.  In
the past when accused, I have faced down some of them, others I
have tried to ignore, or when fighting has gotten me no where,
tossed up my hands and walked away -- writing the situation off as
being "not worth the effort".  The latter *is* an act that many
people, particularly those who only know of me what other people
tell them, will sometimes interpret as "fleeing into the night".

>...on alleged military service has put them in a fight or flight
>mode of thinking...

>Hmmmmm...I think that this forum is mostly appropriate for this
>discussion. The focus of our thoughts are involved with SCA
>behavior and people. And how better "get the message out" than
>this medium?

THIS discussion, yes.  The accusations, perhaps not.

>I would like to see any further updates on these folk posted on
>this list...but we might be going on a bit much about this for
>some folks tastes...

Why?  Because we disagree?  I have never understood the mentality
that believes *any* disagreement is unhealthy, or constitutes a
"flame" (and believe me, when I "flame" there is NO question in
anyone's mind about it -- I have sufficient firsthand witnesses to
THAT around this list :) ).

>In order to not hit one's thumb....one must have control of the

Wouldn't that suggest not taking someone else's word about where
the nail-head is?


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