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dentim at mail.myriad.net dentim at mail.myriad.net
Sun Oct 27 23:56:12 PST 1996

        regarding the two alleged sca thieves, Sir Kief mused......

>Hmmmmm...I think that this forum is mostly appropriate for this discussion. The
>focus of our thoughts are involved with SCA behavior and people. And how better
>"get the message out" than this medium? 
>I would like to see any further updates on these folk posted on this list...but
>we might be going on a bit much about this for some folks tastes...
>In order to not hit one's thumb....one must have control of the hammer...
>In respect and friendship...I remain...
>Sir Kief av Kiersted
>"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

        Personally, I was glad to be informed(and appriciate previous posts)
about these people. I definetly think that our kingdom could be a
destination for these folk. THe Texas Ren Faire draws from near and far,
good *and* bad. 
        I DO belive in innocent until proven guilty. I DO belive in arrest
and  prosecution by proper authorties. And I DEFINATELY belive in protecting
my family and friends against any threat, real or perceived.

ps:I had a blast at renfaire, thanks for the good fightin' Sir!

pps:sorry about the full re-post, one wrong button and BOOM!

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