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Tue Oct 29 22:30:14 PST 1996

Well, Duncan, welcome to Ansteorra!  I think you'll find it quite a big
adjustment to make.

Duncan le Rat (Jody Hunter) wrote:
>               I would like to know all about Ansteorra, since I am moving
> along with Sexburga.  I am squired to Sir Gaylen the Smiling of An Tir, and
> wanted to know about the armored combat in Ansteorra, and any known
> differences between the rules and fighting styles with those used here in An

As I understand it, An Tir has restrictions on shield sizes.  No such restrictions
obtain here.  Fighting techniques, I think, are rather more agressive and 
physical than you may be accustomed to.  You can find a copy of the rules
available to be downloaded by visiting the Ansteorra website which I maintain

Where exactly are you moving to?

Good luck!

> Tir.  I'd also like to enquire about the existence of Scottish personnas in
> Ansteorra, and/or any Scottish households.

Yes, there are scots in Ansteorra.  But none of any consequence (yeah, right!).

> Thank you for your time.
> Yours in Service,
> Duncan le Rat
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- Galen

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