Good Enough? (Was Using

Vicki Marsh zarazena at
Wed Oct 30 09:00:56 PST 1996

Sigrid Eiriksdottir wrote:

>I will do what I can for documentation at Laurel's prize tourney. Maybe
>someone there can point me to a reference or two.

Sigrid, do you have a public or university library nearby?  When I live in
Austin, I know there were quite a few books in their libraries about
lapidary and jewelry, as I often did a lot of the research on jewelry-making
for my ex-husband.  Also, some of the jewelry and lapidary shops will have
some books (like Dyers in Austin).

Sometimes, the How-to books are a place to start, as they often have some
history of the craft in the introduction.  If so, look at their
bibliography/references, for the next place to look.  

I thought I had one in my library, but I must have lost it in the divorce.

Keep looking

Zara Zina

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