We Made TV again...

Michael Gunter michael_gunter1 at msmail.fnts.com
Wed Oct 30 13:29:36 PST 1996

Actually, if it is the program that I am thinking of it was for Pennsic XX
and yes, a rather good program.  There are several Ansteorrans shown (even

Humbly Yers,

From: ansteorra at eden.com on Wed, Oct 30, 1996 1:23 PM
Subject: Re[2]: We Made TV again...
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It was 32rd Pennsic on The Learning Channel. The show was called Amazing
America. We were featured along with Mensa and Paintball. Not bad company,
really. The show was pretty good. I kept squinting at the Ansteorran tabards
to see if there was anyone I recognized...


If we just attended 25th Pennsic, how was it the 32nd?????  Sounds
          like that new T.V. Show..Early Edition, to me.

          Sorry Sig, I couldn't help myself!!!!

          See ya at Bjornsburg.


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