We Made TV again...

timothy l dodge aergoth at txdirect.net
Wed Oct 30 17:36:10 PST 1996

Michael Gunter wrote:
> Actually, if it is the program that I am thinking of it was for Pennsic XX
> and yes, a rather good program.  There are several Ansteorrans shown (even
> me!!).
> It was 32rd Pennsic on The Learning Channel. The show was called Amazing
> America. We were featured along with Mensa and Paintball. Not bad company,
> really. The show was pretty good. I kept squinting at the Ansteorran tabards
> to see if there was anyone I recognized...

Greetings Lords and Ladies of Ansteorra,

It just doesn't change no matter what Texans have an overimbued sense of 
pride in their own.  Can't say my kingdom is that much different though.

If anyone does have a copy of the video I would be most interested in 
purchasing a copy of it also.

Also on another note anyone from the Barony of Bjornsborg(Hope I spelled 
it right) could you send me the phone number or e-mail address for the 
local hospitalar?  I have been inactive since I have been here due to 
lack of fundage.  It seems that dark cloud is lifting and I plan on 
attending the 20th celebration and I have a few friends interested in 
checking out the SCA so I need some loaner garb for them.

Thank You,
Aergoth of the Shire of Hammerhold.

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