Margrave/Vormund II-Plague

dennis grace amazing at
Wed Oct 30 12:47:53 PST 1996

Greetings, Cousins

Lyonel here.  Several (including my periodically deranged wife) have posted:

>>>>If you were planning on making a corset to wear while playing this game,
>>>>could it be soft, or would you have to rib it?
>>>That's a toadally bad pun, Aquilanne.
>>>I have a question, though:  If two laurels were to argue about the type of
>>>ribbing to use, wouldn't it be just a tad polemic?
>>>Zara Zina
>>Your Excellency,
>>Such a croaker seems to invite the jump to some conclusions.
>>Yes, let us bull on through and tree this, before the web-footed among our 
>>friends give tongue and let fly arrows of poison rage. It would be a 
>>terrible thing if the leopard had to swim into the fray.
>>Hopping on past the bandwagon (which is, of course, bound for Toadsuck, 
>>Arkansas), in order to join the chorus,
>>Amra (feeling particularly foolish at the moment...)
>>Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra
>>     currently residing in Barony of the Steppes, Kingdom of Ansteorra
>>Mike C. Baker                      mbaker at
>>Any opinions expressed are obviously my own unless explicitly stated 
>If this keeps up, some of us are going to be about ready to croak ourselves!

You should all be ashamed.  Your verbal behavior in this matter has been
reprehensible.  You should all be frogged.


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