Margrave/Vormund II-Plague

dennis grace amazing at
Wed Oct 30 23:48:54 PST 1996

>I thought we toad you to stop doing this sort of thing, Aquilanne.  Will 
>sterner measures be needed to wart you off?
>(a lurker from Artemisia)

Yes, but it's hard to catch someone when they're on the fly, as it were.
You may catch me eventually, but not toaday!!!

Dennis G. Grace
Postmodern Medievalist
Division of Rhetoric and Composition
Department of English
University of Texas at Austin
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Baro, metetz en guatge                    |  Lords, pawn your castles,
Chastels e vilas e ciutatz                |  your towns and cities.
Enanz qu'usquecs no'us guerreiatz         |  Before you're beat to the draw,
                                                    draw your swords.

                   -- Bertran de Born (a really fun Viscount)

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