Margrave/Vormund II-Plague

Mike Baker mbaker at
Thu Oct 31 08:21:00 PST 1996

>>Please, please!  Wade in and give us our pun-ishment.  All this hopping
>>around has me floundering.
>        Damon
> Ah, but now you've opened a whole new kettle of fish!  Would you think me
> all wet were I to eel over from joy?  Some wouldn't give a fin for this
> thread, so I'll try to keep it scaled down so I don't give you a haddock
> (break out the ibuprofen) with any gulf stream of consciousness stuff, so
> I'll just wave bye for now.
> Aquilanne

Did I miss the announcement of a triple Leap Year? Sounds like April the 
41st. Where has Gill been hiding anyway? Did he ever manage to flush that 
case of clams? Or did he just manage a new angle and find more lures?

That guy always did have a fishy line, though. Yep, I still remember him 
telling tales out of school about that the other lucky right hook, so kelp 
me cod...

Makes me wonder -- is there a specialty competition at Gulf Wars for tunny 
little puns? If the weather is wet, maybe a few people will swim on over and 
dream about it.

<TGFD: ... for Demento, who helped keep high school sane for me>

Still silly,

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