We Made TV again...

Thu Oct 31 12:46:33 PST 1996

I have a copy of this plus several other "SCA on TV" tapes
that I am attemting to copy onto one master tape for
use at newcomers meetings, etc.   Hopefully more than a
few Hospitalers will receive a copy through the Stargate
Hospitaler.   This project was begun about a year ago
and has suffered from a lack of decent video tape copying
equipment.   I have one nice video deck and many miserable
video decks currenly and could use one more good deck to
complete the job satisfactorily.   In the meantime, several
master copies of not-so-good quality are available through
Stargate and the canton of Dun Bruthain for viewing.
Email me for additional info:   tedk at uh.edu

Vaclav Namatko, known as Random

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