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Mark Harris mark_harris at quickmail.sps.mot.com
Wed Oct 30 14:22:30 PST 1996

Greetings from Stefan li Rous,

There has been some discussion here recently on A&S judging. Apparently,
this is a topic of discussion in other kingdoms as well. I recently
saw this message on the Rialto (rec.org.sca):
From: kkeeler at unlinfo.unl.edu (kathleen keeler)
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Subject: Icelandic help
Date: 3 Sep 1996 15:21:52 GMT
Organization: University of Nebraska--Lincoln   

When HL Sigtrygg Foamcarver won Calontir's Arts and Sciences 
Championship in early August, one of his entries was caligraphy he'd 
done on a piece of vellum he made himself (starting with the dead 
calf), with ink he made, written on a scriptorum he made, with quills 
he made, the piece being a saga or piece of saga he wrote, in 
  Talking with him about the judging recently, he expressed regret 
that the judges didn't comment on his saga.  I think their oversight 
understandable, but I would like to find someone who could read and 
critique the saga.  How else do we get better?

Agnes deLanvallei
mka Kathy Keeler
write me at kkeeler at unlinfo.unl.edu

I guess I view this message with mixed feelings. On one hand, I see
it as a spectacular effort in the arts and perhaps one to be emulated.
Although I doubt few medieval craftsman were competant in as many areas.
On the other hand, as very much a beginner in the arts, I dispair of
ever approaching such a level.

I think it also brings up the discussion of competantancy in the
judging of arts projects which was discussed here.


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