God is in the details...

Lori Jones LJONES at bashful.ossm.edu
Thu Oct 31 15:56:58 PST 1996

>Mies was the one I was thinking of, but after Daniel's post I'm not so


Just out of curiosity (and because it's raining outside and I lack 
motivation to do *real* work) I thought I'd look and see what I could 
find in our reference books.  The only reference to the quote that I 
could find was in "Bartlett's familiar quotations (16th ed.)".  It 

"A popular aphorism with the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and 
the art historian Aby Warburg; attributed [Le bon Dieu est dans le 
detail] to Gustave Flaubert, but without verification."

Anyways, have a good weekend!

- Kat 

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