Inter-principality awards

Paul T. Mitchell pmitchel at
Tue Oct 1 00:22:16 PDT 1996

Galen of Bristol here!

It's been suggested that this issue is a straw man (like the fealty issue 
I brought was), because principality awards are non-armigerous, and 
because it'll rarely come up anyway.  I'd like to briefly address both of 
those points.

First, I have noted elsewhere that Drachenwald Law empowered the Coronet 
to bestow Awards of Arms and armigerous Orders over their own signatures. 
 The Seneschale of Elfsea, Eowyn ferch Rhys (among many others), received 
her AoA from me, as Prince of Drachenwald; it was legally and properly 
done without consultation or permission from the Crown, because the 
authority had been delegated in Kingdom Law.  We have been told that 
Principalities are needed in part to ease the Burden of the Crown; what 
sort of easing is it that requires them to sign off on every AoA?  If we 
get principalities, I have said here that I will advocate that the 
Coronet have the authority I had as a Prince.  If the Principality Orders 
are armigerous, we have the situation that they cannot be given to 
non-residents without permission of the recipient's own Prince.

Second, Sir Lyonel and others have lately argued that the matter will 
very rarely come up at all, in any case.  Quite right; it will be very 
rare for someone to be active outside his own principality.  Which brings 
us back to my original assertion, that people will have a disincentive 
(that is they'll be less likely) to travel outside their own 
principalities, due to the fact their activities "abroad" will not 
contribute to the eventual receipt of their next award.  This will not 
prevent inter-principality travel by any means, but it will mean that 
fewer people will do it as much.

Still Galen's opinion,
only now from pmitchel at

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