eric caladin at
Tue Oct 1 00:50:25 PDT 1996

>Could one of you good gentles please explain a "snowball" or "snowball
>tourney"?  I doubt I am the only confused person out here.
>Thank you for your time and patience
>Kateryn Heathrydge

A snow bal tourny is a simple inverse Bianry tree setup in which at the end
of the round the number of teams is n/2 and the number of team member is n*2..

OOOHHHHHHH you wanted it in English... ;) (sorry had too)

simply put, everyone divides up into one on one fights, the winner of that
fight gets the loser as a member of his "team" and he is a capt. the next
round it's two on to until ther are only two teams (with some funky team
dividing when the number don't match up...) left who fight it out. one team
wins, the captain of which is usually the winner...

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