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Tue Oct 1 08:15:14 PDT 1996

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> Pardon the intrusion and possible insult that may incur after this
> message.

Oh yeah. We're easily insulted.

> I'm a newbie to the SCA (well, not entirely and completely a
> newbie, but pretty close) and have been reading your postings for some
> time.

I'm truly sorry. I hope you get better.

> I finally had to write and ask why do the people involved in the
> SCA seem to be only interested in A.) principalities

This has people on both sides very heated so it generates lots of
discussion. You should have seen it at the business/populace meeting.

> B.)rules of tournaments and C.) fighting in tournaments?


> I understand that,
> obviously, A LOT of people respond to these subjects, but after awhile
> it seems like beating a dead horse.

You haven't been in the SCA long enough to realize that we like to beat
dead horses or anything else that will sit still long enough. (See
discussions on tournaments.)

> I have yet to read about the upcoming Rennaisance Fair,

I know that the information has been posted at least twice before your
request, and once just after. As well, on the local baronial mailing
list, it's been discussed. (without much direction. *grin*)

For me, and probably others, RenFair is something that's not that
exciting anymore. I barely even day trip it now adays. Then again, 2,
or was it 3, years in a row I was there every day, every weekend.

> the monthly meetings

You care? I certainly don't. I barely care to know what happened at
ours. I go to them and I'm usually surprised when I type up the notes
from them (for the newsletter) to see what happened at them. *grin*

> or even a hint as to
> what upcoming SCA events will be taking place.

This does happen. Even as of recent there was some discussion about
Elfsea's event, altough it was drowned out be the volume of Principality
junk. I would like to see more of this though. There are probably events
that are great that we barely hear about because there is only a single
flyer in the BS.

I'm surprised we haven't heard more about Bjornsborg's 20 somethingth
anniversary though. *hint*

> Is there nothing else
> going on in the kingdom or will be taking place that makes people
> discuss it?

Certainly there is, we go in spurts though. It seems to be a mostly one
track mindset though. We discuss one thing to death, then move on to
the next.

> I am eager to learn the many different aspects of SCA, but
> all I read about is fighting (as in tournament talks) and arguements
> (ie. the principality issue).

Well there are many mailing lists and newsgroups just for you! Your best
bet is to start with the though. This will get you all over
the place. (Hell, I know I've created about half a dozen mailing lists
on for different SCA related things. I'm willing to create more
as well.)

As well, please post on any topic you'd like. We'll gladly discuss it to
death as well.

> Thank you for your time and my humblest apologies to anyone I may have
> offended.

I am greatly offensive. How dare you.


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