Spear pennants

Hugh Niewoehner hughn at ssd.fsi.com
Wed Oct 2 05:37:58 PDT 1996

Pennants look great on fighting spears but remember the down side...they
make great handles.   Be prepared to let go of your spear if it is snatched,
don't fight it.  I've been in battles where a man using a spear with a
pennant was pulled through the backs of his defending shields because he
wouldn't let go of his spear when he should have realized the guy grabbing
the other end had both a better grip and better footing.  And there are more
than a few individuals who have made spear stealing something of an art
form.  Grap the pennant to hold it still long enough to get the other hand
and possibly a few more people a good grip on the shaft.  Then...pull hard
and run with it.  

To last any length of time in that kind of environment the pennant should
have very tough ties and put an extra heavy piece of fabric along the edges
and where the ties attach to prevent it from self-destructing when yanked.   

Like I first said, they look great but be prepared to let go.  If the
opponents start using it you might even be able to use your own pennant to
get your spear back.   :-)

BTW, for an additional neat touch.  Get electrical tape in your colors.
Spiral wrap the shaft with the alternating colors.  This is a great visual
effect and makes it easier for people watching you from the sidelines to
locate you.


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