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Koch, KA Kimberly 4384 KochKA at gvl.esys.com
Thu Oct 3 09:55:27 PDT 1996

Sigh.  I think Gunthar intended to have his tongue in his cheek, but after 
he stuck his foot (hip, etc.) in there, there simply wasn't enough room left 
for it.  No matter what he might say, we had a wonderful time at Elfsea, the 
Chivalric encampment was stunning (especially the ranks of shields and 
torches Saturday night - that was just beautiful), and I happen to know for 
a fact that there are a great many Laurels that Gunthar actually likes and 
respects, in spite of how much time he wastes offending them.  He's a lout. 
 Just ignore him.

Ly Thyra Stuckwithgunthar

>Gunthar stuck his foot in his mouth all the way to his hip by saying:
>>Also, there were all those Peers and Nobles and stuff around (probably a
>>couple of Laurels, too).  Hence more stuffication.

>Gunnora replies:
>Gunthar, I know all about you Swedish people.  But did someone drop you on
>your head, like, recently?  Peers... and a couple of Laurels?  Last I
>looked, Laurels were Peers... according to Corpora, equal in rank and "to 
>considered as one group" with Pelicans and Knights.  I think the head blows
>cause this problem, I really do!

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