Scot Eddy seddy at vvm.com
Thu Oct 3 06:14:52 PDT 1996

Good Gentles:

Could some computer literate soul please help me? I moved my computer 
from my place of residence to school so that I could use it to teach 
with. At home I was getting the Rialto, but now when I try to hook up 
I get this message:

					A News (NNTP) error occured:
					You have no permission to talk. Goodbye.

What do I do? Do I need to resubscribe? If so, ho do I go about doing 
so? Is it a problem with my server? 

I'm on a Power Mac 7500 if that is of any help.

Thanks in advance for the assistance!

Grace and Peace, 

Ld. Jovian Skleros
(Scot Eddy)

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