KFB, anyone?

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Wed Oct 9 22:47:03 PDT 1996

On Mon, 09 Sep 1996 01:29:48 +0200 Darryl Arrington
<strmridr at magic.bunt.com> writes:
>What a few folks fail to mention when saying "just a light rap on the
>back of the head" is the fact that many people (been there m'self a 
>or two) suffer from the massive adrenaline rush of fighting in melees
>that the "light rap on the back of the head" turns into Excedrin
>headache number one, or worse (been there m'self a time or two).  Just
>as it's true that you can take harder hits while pumped, you can hit
>harder too.  I've seen people knocked out when hit from the front, and
>they were expecting the blow.  Let's leave this kill from behind
>business, well, behind us.  Just my humble opinion, though...
>Thorgrim, "vacationing" in Drachenwald with his Uncle Sam

what's the matter with putting your weapon across your opponents eyes and
calling "you're dead from behind, my lord!!"    works in the West.  
besides, anyone who loses control on the field shouldn't be there.      
sir robert   

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