Gunthar's Email....

Richard Bainter pug at
Mon Oct 14 07:14:56 PDT 1996

Good Morning,

  Anyone who can directly contact Gunthar, would you please tell him that
  his mail is not working right? His mail is going out as:

  michael_gunter1 at

  but the MSMail server is not recognizing him yet. (This is the sign of
  a mis-configured MSMail server. Then again, having MSMail is the sign
  of a mis-configured server. *wink*) He is currently allowed to send
  email out, but none can get back to him cause he's not been added to
  the server yet. (This is an option each site can chose, and the wrong
  one IMHO.)

  I've taken him off the lists until this problem is resolved. (I don't
  like getting all the bounces. *grin*) This has been cc'ed to their
  postmaster as well in hopes to get the problem resolved. (NOTE: I'm
  sarcastic, not rude. *grin*)



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