Laurel's Prize Tourney

damaris damaris at
Wed Oct 16 08:13:19 PDT 1996

Gunnora Hallakarva wrote:

>         I have amazed myself on this one, even if I do say so myself... the
> faux ivory looks very real and the overall effect is simply opulent.  This
> would be a choice item for any Viking, Saxon, or Celt.  It would be perfect
> for a jewelry box for any period.  I don't really want to part with it now
> that it's done, so ya'll should plan to really wow me with your Norse/Viking
> displays if you want this prize!

Damaris here.  I came back last night from a mundane business trip.  Gunnora
has been out of town, taking care of her mother.  Anyway, I walk into the 
house and it is, like in shambles, with pieces of brass, fake ivory, and hardened
epoxy everywhere.  In the midst of all this is this beautiful ivory box.  I'm
wondering if I can obscound with it and say, "well sweetie, I think someone 
broke in the house and stole your box"
>         And, lest the textile artists think that I'm discriminating, I also
> have goodies for the textile entries that please me the best, including hand
> carved stag-horn needles and knotwork-carved bone needle-cases to hang from
> Viking brooches.

These needles are lovely too.
>         I'm looking forward to seeing all of you with your amazing displays
> (isn't it true that Ansteorra is the Land of the Best Artists in the Knowne
> World? Come out to Laurel's prize Tourney and prove it!)

I'm going to be there so come one and all.  At the least you'll  get to 
sample libations from my display.
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