Football pants

Scott White swhite at
Mon Oct 14 14:35:24 PDT 1996

>If memory serves, however, you're one of us
>slight of natural padding types (ectomorphs, skinny guys, toothpicks).

I prefer the term 'lipidly challenged,' thankyouverymuch ... ;-)
(Tho I DO like 'ectomorph')

>In which case "fly" should include "prevent painful and/or debilitating

Yep, I've been wrapped w. no butt-plate a few too many times ... hence the
heavy chain skirt that I'd like to ditch fairly soon.

>The football pants will work fine until
>someone misses the pads

Yeah, figured I'd just sew more pockets and put plates where they're
lacking. I just don't know the layout of an average pair of football pants
-- pads only on the upper thighs? Pads front & back? Shins? Are their
different pad layouts for various football positions? (do I want linebacker
pants, etc?) As you can probably gather, I can't remember the last time I
watched a football game ...

>You just need to make sure your knee wings are fluted in a way that wraps
>close to your leg.

Hmm, here's another point for discussion -- How small of a knee wing can you
safely get away with? I'd like to minimize my knee wings & wrap the edges w.
tubing so they won't cut thru my bracae.

>I'm bringing some photos of covered plastic armor to
>Tuesday's fighter practice, including at least one Ansteorran duke in bracae
>and sark. 

Wonderful wonderful! Can't wait ...

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