Plastic Gauntlets-NOT!!

Vicki Marsh zarazena at
Mon Oct 14 12:59:57 PDT 1996

Greetings from Baroness Zara Zena, Kingdom Chirurgeon for Ansteorra:

Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace wrote:
>Well, this will probably generate a number of disagreements,
Not from me.

>I got into a huge argument over this with Viscount Sir Aveloc the Young,
>currently residing in An Tir a few years back.  He claimed to have been
>using his leather gauntlets for X number of years without injury and
>suggested that my conjectures were insulting.  Not long after that, he got
>his hands broken in an Artemisian coronet list.  Now he uses steel.
Having treated a number of broken fingers and hands, I must add a loud and
vociferous "AMEN" to this post.  I would like to add that, with it being
tourney season,  special care should be taken to re-inspect and repair all
armour *prior* to the event.  That loose thumb piece on your 10 yr-old
gauntlet may decide to slip out of the way just as a Great Sword is heading
towards your little unprotected thumb.

Please remember, only *you* can keep the chirurgeons bored.

Thank you, Sir Lyonel.  Please keep reminding people that the minimum armour
requirements are just that - minimums.  They are not guarantees against


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