taking insults where none were

maddie teller-kook meadhbh at io.com
Tue Oct 15 07:42:25 PDT 1996

Jay wrote:
>   I was involved is such a situation once, and thank the gods the person
> 'insulted' and I were friends before, and remained friends ever since.  It
> was over an innocent remark, but a 3rd party thought it sounded insulting
> (some people eagerly seek insults in things so they can brown nose).  This
> 3rd party went to the 'victim' and told him he had been insulted, and I
> found myself challanged to a one on one comabt of light weapons.  The victim
> and I worked it out, accordin to SCA/medieval rles, procured seconds, set a
> time, place, etc....all very formal.  after 6 months I went before the
> populace (a baroial court, so most would be there) and apologized if I had
> truely insulted him.  Apology accepted and a lession learned.  Do not take
> insults for others, you just become a rumor monger, and disliked/distrusted
> by others, and if you are insulted, work it out in a civilized manner.  The
> 'brown nosers' were dissappointed, the Barony saw as a whole a onderful
> friendship, and good persona acting.
>   It was not easy to turn such a foul thing into a benefit, but it was done.
> I, for one, would never want to go through that again, and would prefer that
> people would simply laugh in the rumor monger's face.
>   I have ranted long enough, I will not go back to Lurk Mode for another 6
> months....
>   Your's in service to my Barony, my crown, and the SCA!
>  Lord Ulf Jorgensen

Well said Ulf!!!!!


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