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Tue Oct 15 12:54:41 PDT 1996

Greetings Ansteorrans!

Could someone please look in the most recent Black Star and see who is listed
as the Seneschal of Eldern Hills?  I resigned this position in July due to my
move to Atlantia, yet I still receive mail from people trying to contact the
Seneschal!  I don't know if I am still listed, or if people are just looking
in an older Black Star.  

For the record, the current Seneschal is:
M'Lady Rhagnell
(Gayle Black)
1616 NW 43rd Street
Lawton, OK  73505
(405) 353-4805

I am copying this message to Theodric in hopes that it gets changed if it
hasn't been already.  Incidentally, the person listed as the Chronicler (on
the web) is no longer holding that position either.  (I've already sent a
message to Viscount Galen requesting that he update the web information.)
 The latest Chronicler is Richard of Lombardy, but I understand that he will
be resigning due to mundane job conflicts.  Perhaps Lady Catrin could
enlighten us as to who will be replacing him...

Thank you!!!

Missing Ansteorra,
Lady Aodhan ni Finnlaith

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