Ansteorra history

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Tue Oct 15 18:26:43 PDT 1996

Beith O'Dunlaing said:

>  Lord Finnagin did a masterful telling of
>the 20 years of Namron history, alternately having people laughing and
>crying.  It was a fantastic weekend.  

If you can convince him to write this history up in an article, I'd 
love to add it to my SCA Rialto Files.

The same goes for any histories of Ansteorra or other local groups
within Ansteorra. I have more information on East Kingdom history
than I do on Ansteorra, my own kingdom.

Anyone writing up a history of Bjornsborg? I will hold off making
any copies available until after the 20th anniversary event if you

Stefan li Rous

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