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Thu Oct 17 15:42:27 PDT 1996

For those of you who like to write or draw and are interested in having
something published in the TI, but are suffering from writer's / artist's
block here are a few suggestions on topics that would be appreciated!!

1) Recreation: presents information on a craft from the Middle Ages or
Renaissance, and gives instruction on how to try it yourself.(e.g.
Clothing, Recipes, Embroidery, Furniture Construction, Weaving, Dyeing)

2) Research, Information: the results of research on a topic from the
Middle Ages or Renaissance.  (e.g. Medieval Fast Days, 15th Century
Heraldic Display, 16th century Italian Dance Etiquette.)  Also, articles
such as how to use Interlibrary Loan, Research Methods.

  Articles in categories 1 & 2 should have appropriate notes,
  references and/or bibliographies, so that readers can see how the
  authors came to their conclusions, and know where to look for
  further information.

  I do not believe that the TI editor has chosen any one style of
  bibliography to be the "house style" -- any standard format will

3) Book Reviews: summarize and discuss the book's usefulness to SCA

4) Original Poems, Songs, Dances, in a period style (optimally,
includes a brief description of the form used).

5) SCA Lore: concerns SCA organization or self-improvement, rather than the
Middle Ages or the Renaissance (e.g., Running an event, Building a Persona,
Hospitality for Guests, Disguising Modern Objects, "Inter-kingdom

6) SCA Philosophy: on topics as they apply to people in the SCA (e.g.,
Chivalry, Bearing Arms in the SCA, Interacting in Persona,The Evolution of
SCA Fighting)

7) Artwork: cover art (can span both front and back covers), filler art.
Artists should definitely talk to the editor first about what format/medium
to work in.


Robin Anderson of Ross
TI Local Corespondent for Ansteorra

Robin Gammon

Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired - Teacher's Aide
Southwest Texas School of Graduate Studies - Special Education

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