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Thu Oct 17 18:34:33 PDT 1996

Mistress Gunnora wrote:

>Now on the areas needing coverage, I'd use small
>overlapping plastic plates sewn to the fabric (such as Alysha or Iolo use
>for their jacks).  The design is very flexible, so it would move with the
>fighter.  You can use looser placement of the plates than on a jack, but the
>overlap still protects against the armor pinch.  I'd wear a knee cop without
>the big side wings under this, strapped tightly to the leg to keep it from
>floating around and not covering properly.  The plates over the knee area on
>the arming pants would not necessarily overlap (thus providing maximum
>flexibility... the kneecop underneath keeps the plates from pinching) but
>plates on the back of the pant leg in this area protect the back of the

Well, the design sounds workable, but I don't see how overlapping plates
will be less obtrusive than wrap-fitted ABS cuisses.  Won't the overlap make
the armor MORE bulky?  

As for knee wings, I'm a big fan (no pun intended).  The one time I lost my
left wing (they were riveted to my first pair of knee cops) I took a shot in
the back of the knee/top of the calf.  Not an experience I want to relive.
As I told Gnith, a good armorer can flute and curve back the wings so that
they lie fairly close to the leg.


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