Compulsary A&S

dentim at dentim at
Thu Oct 24 10:44:59 PDT 1996


        With all the discussion on A&S judging criteria, I thought that it
might be a good idea to have a "compulsary' (sp?) division at some major A&S
As in Ice Skating or gymnastics, where contestants are required to do the
preset routine,  we could have a pre-announced standard on several items.
This could be a great way of bringing more beginners out to try their hands
at a project.
        The format(guesstimation time):

    Those in charge of the event pick 3 or 4 items for the contest. Say , a
Norman conical helm, a tablet woven belt, a honey-mead, and a Celtic
knotpattern scroll.
    These are announced ,say, 3-6 months before the event. A main
documentation source is  provided for each item, to show everyone what the
item should  look like.
    Judgeing critera is announced, say for the mead, the different tastes
that are expected or desired, what is not allowable, etc, etc. (about ten or
twelve describing factors)
 so whaddaya think?  As I  said, this can be a  great beginner thang. It
can be real intimidating to try and go at these things alone. haveing an
outline and an expectation list can be a real help.


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