Stefan's Files for November

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Thu Oct 24 11:09:26 PDT 1996

A Blending of the Past and Present       

Here is the list of my featured SCA Rialto files for this month. I have 
files for all interests. If none of the files below interest you, ask for 
a copy of my complete file list. If you would like a copy of any of these 
files, just let me know. I can print them on paper for you, copy them 
to a computer disk or send them by email.

Those of you who have World-Wide-Web (WWW) access can get these files at:, although it may be a week
or two before the newest files are online.

    Stefan li Rous   (512)892-0036   markh at

Here are the new files that have been added this past month:

banners-msg           Flags and banners. Period and SCA construction.
Berserkergang-art     Article on Norse Viking Berserkers.
chocolate-msg         History and description of early chocolate.
cl-academic-msg       Medieval academic clothing.
emb-frames-msg        Period and SCA embroidery frames.
hunt-spears-msg       Medieval hunting spears.
mottoes-msg           Latin mottoes for SCA use.
Netherlands-msg       Medieval Netherlands and Belgium.
N-drink-ves-msg       Norse drinking vessels.
privvies-msg          Managing privvies at SCA events.

Many of the Arts & Sciences of the Middle Ages are practiced in the
SCA. For those who may be interested in trying something new, here 
are some of the files in my CRAFTS section:

blacksmithing-msg     Blacksmithing, forges, tools.
bladesmithing-msg     Steel sources, making knives and swords.
block-printing-msg    Block printing for cloth.
casting-msg           Casting metals.
coopering-msg         Making and maintaining barrels and kegs.
enameling-msg         Enameling techniques.
fabric-paint-msg      Fabric painting in the SCA and period.
glasswork-msg         Stained glass, glass etching. glassblowing.
glues-msg             Medieval glues.
horn-msg              Working with horn. drinking horns.
ivory-msg             Ivory carving. ivory substitutes.
lapidary-msg          Period and SCA gemstone cutting.
lucet-cord-msg        Making lucet cord for trim, lacing.
papermaking-msg       Producing pulp, making handmade paper.
tools-msg             Period and modern tools.
woodworking-msg       Woodworking tools and techniques. wood finishes.

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