SCA award system revisions

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Thu Oct 24 13:10:20 PDT 1996

- An (one) AoA-level award - the Award of Arms.
- Court Barony - for exceptional retiring Territorial Barons 
  (Barony-in-Fief becomes just a cermonial office)
  and others who've just done way above and beyond 
- Lion-equivalent - for exceptional persona-play (non armigerous)
- Order of the Rose - for former rulers by right of arms
- Baronial service orders - 1/per barony - non-armigerous

Why is the Order of the Rose here? Or at least why isn't it for
"exceptional retiring rulers by right of arms"? Why should the
royalty automatically become members of this order when the
Court Barony is only given for exceptional service? 

I feel many barons/ess have put in more service although spread over 
years instead of six months than some crowns. The crown already gets 
a lot of this acknowledgement and word fame we are talking about.

Stefan li Rous

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