Greek/ was Latin rubbish

Vicki Marsh zarazena at
Sat Oct 26 08:29:36 PDT 1996

Greeings from Zara Zina

Jovian Skleros wrote:
>How you barbarous Frank praddle on about that language. All the world 
>knows that the educated, the knowledgable, the sophisticated speak 
>Greek. But where is the discussion about the One, True Language?

Amen, brother!! Actually, any educated person in Byzantium would have been
familiar with Latin, also. However, quite a few of the root words in the
English language come from Greek, ex. chiropractor, chronology. 

I have yet another question.  In studying calligraphy, I have yet to
determine exactly which script would have been proper for 11th - 12th
century Byzantines.  Carolingian miniscule is about the closest I can come,
but I'm not sure.  Any idease out there?  

Thanks, Zara Zina

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