Michael Tucker michaelt at mechatronics.com
Sat Oct 26 22:47:14 PDT 1996

Greetings, all, from Michael Silverhands:

I have temporarily unsubscribed from this mailing list, since I am about 
to change Internet service providers. If any of you need/want to e-mail 
me, you may continue to do so at the following address (which is listed 
as my e-mail address in the Two Towers and other SCA publications):

Michael Tucker <mitucker at aol.com>

I look forward to rejoining the mailing list after my Internet services 
are reestablished. In the meantime, hopefully Neassa and I will be 
seeing many of you at Bjornsborg's 20th. Stargate looks forward to 
helping our friends and neighbors celebrate their birthday! (Sorry for 
missing Namron; the alternator went out on our car, 1 hour north of 
Houston, and we had to turn back.)

Until we meet again (virtually or in the flesh) - :)
Michael Tucker / Michael Silverhands, Baron of Stargate, Ansteorra

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