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j.l.jackson hartel jhartel at vvm.com
Sun Oct 27 17:38:24 PST 1996

>Greetings fellow Ansteorrans.

For the many of you who were unable to attend Tempio's Feast of the
Minstrels/Hero of the Temple 2.5, you missed an enjoyable event.  TRH Mahdi
and Valeria graced out fair shire in their "first" solo court and partook in
our festivities.  At  court THR presented several awards on behalf of TRM.
The following persons were awarded;
>Hethum of Phasis
>Devin MacDonell
>Egill Kottr Einarsson
>Gwyddno ap Griffith Myrddin
>Anas ibn Haroun Abd al-Zaki  
>Abigail of Exeter
>Angus Ian Urry
>Theodora Lachanodrakon
>Eldred Bloodaxe
>Jovian Skleros---Iconography
>Anna MAria Maddelena Selvaggio---Herbalism
>Tempio's new "Queen of the Minstrel's" is Lady Pamela Hewitt the Harper.
Our new Hero of the Temple is Lord Dieter von Ertz.  Lord Angus MacConn won
the Open category of our A&S competition with a GORGEOUS icon, and Lord
Timur Borte won the 1st time category with a Byzantine dress he had made for
his lady/wife.  

Despite the ominous-looking weather many people had an  very enjoyable time.
Many thanks to those of you who attended..

In service,
Moriel, Herald Tempio

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