Fiber Arts Books

SusanKFord at SusanKFord at
Thu Oct 31 07:12:52 PST 1996

Here is a terrific source for textile arts books. They have almost everything
imaginable, and if they don't have it, they will search for it.

I've found things such as medieval embroidery, all sorts of dying, spinning,
weaving books, Celtic design books (why not more Norse design books?  Hmph),
quilting, history of textiles, etc. There are a lot of gems in the many

You can also subscribe to updates in the subject of your choice. For example,
I got e-mail yesterday that gave me a list of the latest weaving books
available. I found a book on weaving bands that includes inkle, tablet, and
other methods for $7.95.

Sigrid Eiriksdottir

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