Follow-up to the Saga evalu

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Thu Oct 31 09:26:35 PST 1996

Greetings from Stefan li Rous,

I recently posted a message from the Rialto:

>When HL Sigtrygg Foamcarver won Calontir's Arts and Sciences 
>Championship in early August, one of his entries was caligraphy he'd 
>done on a piece of vellum he made himself (starting with the dead 
>calf), with ink he made, written on a scriptorum he made, with quills 
>he made, the piece being a saga or piece of saga he wrote, in 

>  Talking with him about the judging recently, he expressed regret 
>that the judges didn't comment on his saga

Lyonel replied:
>Give me a break.  Did this guy actually expect someone at a kingdom A&S to
>be able to read his Icelandic saga?

I believe it was more an expression of regret, but yes there could well
have been a bit or bragging in there too.

As a follow-up to this: He did get three or four public and maybe a
few more offers by email from people of varying expertise who offered to 
evaluate his saga. I know that several of those offers came from people
fluent in Icelandic. I believe one of these was Mistress Thora Sharptooth
that Gunnora mentioned. 

I think it also shows that there are some very knowledgeable people with some
rather esoteric skills in the Society although you may have to search to find
Also, it shows that the Rialto ( can be a useful resource if you
can stay with it long enough to get through the chaff to find the nuggets.
looking for answers to specific questions or referrals to sources on obscure
might consider inquiring there.


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