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Heilsa, All.

        Here's another bit of info gleaned from the Historical Costuming list:

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Cassandra wrote:

>        When was cloth of gold first used?

        According to an article by Cole Cioran, published in the August
Ursus, a newsletter I produce, cloth of gold was first used:

"        The first appearance of cloth of gold is difficult to date.
Surviving examples have been found in China as early as the 4th century
A.D., but the first surviving examples appearing in the west seem to
coincide with the opening of trade with China in the 13th century . "

>Was it in minor decoration or major
>parts of clothing?  I seem to remember a reference to a cotehardie bi-coloured
>using velvet and cloth of silver.

        It was both a woven fabric, that is, woven with actual gold thread
and coloured textile warp, as well as a gold leafing process, which was the
down-and-dirty form. If you would like a copy of that issue of Ursus, I
would be pleased to send you a back issue for an SASE. I have only about
six copies of that issue left. Write me under private e-mail.

Lorina J. Stephens


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