ANST - Lost at corination/ building a sword page

eric caladin at
Fri Aug 1 23:49:04 PDT 1997

Hio all,

I appear to have left my good sword at coriniation, it's a black 3 ringed
basket hilt with the right wrist cut out, with a rope trigger, a hard
trigger no ducttape just strapping tape... I beleive someboy borrowed it to
fight florinteen, but the heat seemd to have scrambled my memory somewhat.....

Also, I've put up a we document on how to make my style of sword, intended
for newbies...

I'm interested in criticues, comments and of course praise. ;)

Additions I'm already working on, so no need to suggest, diagram of taping
on a baskethilt, and a materials list....

Given infinite free time, I also seek to write, 
"The making of a big A** shield","simple sword and shield baskets", 
"Padding a hat" etc.... so if there is good info already out there on this,
intended for newbies, somebody warn me before i duplicte effort please...
(I already know about Gniths swell page with aluminum shield info.. thanx!)

it's at:

Ignore the root page, it's a token effort page generated by my isp, and I
have not bothered to fix it yet...

thanx, ciao!


P.s. describing the sword seemed a nice segue into the page... so exsucse
the compoundity...
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