ANST - Lost at corination/ building a sword page CRICKETRED at
Sat Aug 2 07:38:25 PDT 1997

Caladin.. beautiful page.. I love it and will bookmark it to use as a
reference in the #sca chatroom on irc..( on undernet)  thanks a lot for doing
it.. and the pictures help tremendously.
good luck on finding your sword too...

  just one small note.. and I'm  not even sure on this as I don't even fight
( still have the mantra " one of these days")  on the taping part.  it might
be good if you talked about what kind of tape to use and why.  remember ..
newbies will be using this to  learn to make swords.. do y'all still put a
layer of fiberglass tape first and then ducttape?? if so why?
  and wow... I never realized that there was so much involved with making a
sword.. thanks for taking it step by step!
         Ffynnon Gath, Ansteorra

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