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Okay, here's my input for those that are interested.

> >How did you first get started in the SCA and how old were you?

My daughter, Lady Simone O'Dunlaing became involved in the SCA 17 years
ago in the Phillipinnes, known as the Lonely Tower in the Far East.  For
15 years she tried to get me to come play with her.  Being a stubborn
wench I refused.  Then one day I finially said yes.  On the way to
InterKingdom, 1995, I informed her not to expect me to ever go with her
again.  this was a one event deal.  To make a long story short.  I met
some wonderful people and had a great weekend.  On the way home I asked
here when the next event was.  For my first few events I was borrowing
her garb.  She was also wondering how to tell mom she was now on her own
at the second event.  Well she never had to tell me, because she
couldn't find me until Saturday evening court.  I was out visiting and
exploring.   That winter with the help of Mistress Gwenyth of Ramesey
Mere I put together my first garb and was off and running.  I was 44.
Yes, a late bloomer, but I found a home and people who understood what I
did (my needlework) and appreciated it.

> >What make you stay?

The people and the opportunity to develop my crafts, to learn, and to
have them appreciated by people who know the time and the work that goes
into it.  Events are great stress relief for me.  I can exercise my
imagination and my fantasy life.  the people are friendly for the most
part and are trying to life the code of honor and chivalry, and it's

> >What did you do to develop your personna and why did you choose
> it/them?

My family background is Irish and I wanted to keep the family name.  I
found the old Irish spelling for Dowling and O'dunlaing became my
surname.  Afrena came because I misremembered a name of an Irish Queen I
found, but by the time I found the correct spelling it was too late.
Afrena I was.  The more I learned about Irish history and the family the
more my persona developed.  I feel in love with Blieus and so I became a
12th Century Irishwoman from the kindgom of Lienster.  My husband
doesn't play, so he became an English knight that was with Pembrok that
I married to save the family lands.  He's now fighting with King Henry
in the Crusades, which explains why he isn't with me.

My input to an interesting thread.

Afrena O'Dunlaing


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