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Michael Mayer delamare at
Sun Aug 3 13:39:38 PDT 1997

Re: ansteorra V1 #950  8/2/97
From: caladin at (eric)
Subject: ANST - Lost at corination/ building a sword page

Also, I've put up a we document on how to make my style of sword,
intended for newbies...

I'm interested in criticues, comments and of course praise. ;)

Here's is my question and comment, though it lacks praise, Caladin:   ;)

1.  What is a "newbie"?  Is that similar to the children's television
program which displays "good bees" and "bad bees"??????  We don't have
"newbies" in Ansteorra, Caladin.  We have new members, we have new
interests, we have folks recently introduced to the Society and
Ansteorran customs and culture.  However, we simply DO NOT HAVE

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