ANST - Re: common usage vs PC usage

J'lynn Yeates jyeates at
Sun Aug 3 12:33:13 PDT 1997

> 1.  What is a "newbie"?  Is that similar to the children's television
> program which displays "good bees" and "bad bees"??????  We don't have
> "newbies" in Ansteorra, Caladin.  We have new members, we have new
> interests, we have folks recently introduced to the Society and
> Ansteorran customs and culture.  However, we simply DO NOT HAVE
> "newbies"!!!

methinks you be too easily annoyed by a generic, commonly 
accepted term that simply defines a short termer in an organization 
(used in many other areas and groups)  ... would you perhaps prefer 
"post-mundane neophyte" (g w/fangs)

... self was a pre-Aneteorran SCAdian newbie once (long ago 
and far away) ... and later graduated to "erisian / keltoi / mongol / 
biker scum".  have met *many* similar newbies over the years, 
funny that they seem to be so invisible these day's 


note, i *not* PC (including it's subset, SC) or PC-sensitive and make 
no apologies for that situation ... total waste of energies


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